Apadana Brand: A Legacy of Excellence in Textile and Fabric Finishing

Services Provided: Website Design, Content Creation, Logo Design, Rebranding

Apadana Co, originally inspired by the grandeur of Persepolis, was established around 1966 with private investment. Initially, the company specialized in knitting circular and flat fabrics, along with producing and exporting garments to European markets. Over the years, Apadana Brand expanded its expertise and embraced advanced technologies, leading to the establishment of a non-chemical fabric finishing unit. Between 1991 and 2013, it became a renowned center for fabric knitting and finishing in central Tehran. At Hicodes, we were honored to collaborate with Apadana Brand to enhance their digital presence and rebrand their identity.




Logo Design

Ali Khanian
Developer / Product Manager

Ali Rezaie
Logo Designer

Rojina safavi
SEO / COntent Marketing

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